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What I am thinking about today: 4/4/2022

I took a few days off from the office job to cover wrestling shows over Wrestlemania week, and thankfully, I didn’t draw any Death Match shows. The Indy shows I watched were fun, many of which had people who did their best to entertain a crowd they normally wouldn’t have (since they have the shows in the same city as Mania to get those people). The New Japan Pro Wrestling show I covered was head and shoulders about all of them since New Japan is a full time company with excellent management. I know a show is great when I quit writing what I see and just enjoy it, and isn’t that why I started watching Wrestling?

Go check out the coverage at They did an incredible job covering shows over Mania week, and I don’t just say that because I was a part of it.

Trump’s “Truth Social” alternative to Twitter and Facebook for conservatives is crashing and burning, and the funding is under investigation by the SEC since he did it through issuing stock. What they (and all of the other conservative social media attempts) is that Conservatives don’t’ want to talk to each other. They want to troll other people. Even in interviews about why people aren’t using it, they talk about how liberals aren’t signing up, so it’s not as much fun as “pwning the libs”, which is all Conservatism is since Living YouTube Comment Section Trump took over the party. Until they figure out how to put that into their social media, they will continue to crash as hard as Reaganbook did.

By the way, this is your reminder than I am little to the left of Bernie Sanders. The US version fo left and right have become utterly skewed. Clinton, Obama, and Biden are a bit right of center in how they govern, and anyone who calls them “Socialists” can be ignored as clueless.

I took a LOT of time over the last week to sort, box and put away comics/books/graphic novels/omnibuses and my living room is as cleared as it is going to get while I live by myself. I also took the time to get other things under control (fridge was completely cleaned, etc…). Kind of proud of myself on that front. Working two jobs, freelance writing, recording podcasts, and sleeping takes so much time that I often wave my hands at things and say “I’ll get to it later.” Having three days off was later.

Comics I have read lately that made me happy:

The Big Spider-Man “Beyond” storyline

Jason Aaron’s “Wolverine and the X-Men
Asterix Omnibus 6
Batman: Penguin (a trade paperback with a sampling of Penguin stories over the years)

Judge Dredd Complete Case Files 35
Avengers: The Initiative Volume 1

Inkblot Volume 2

Much love to friends old and new.

Be kind, be courageous, and be cool.


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