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What I am thinking about today 3/18/2022

-I am amused by my silly post about complaining about going back to the office got a few “care” icons. I was giggling to myself the whole time I wrote it, thinking how privileged it was. I have two jobs I am good at, they pay well enough I have a roof, a car, more comics, movies, books, and video games that I have time for. Working from home has been wonderful for me, but I do understand that in some jobs you need that collaboration. I just go through reports and take phone calls and can do that anywhere it’s quiet and has an internet connection. Hopefully, I get to keep working from home for my office job.

-Have felt out of sorts this week, upset stomach, headache, general unease, and the like. Probably didn’t help that I ate something that disagreed with me on Tuesday. Thankfully, this is the first Friday I have had off from the group home in a LONG time, so when I am done with work, I’ll hit the treadmill, cover the AEW Wrestling show, and try to finally get my living room under control.

-The Kray Z Comics and Stories podcast I do with Kray is being moved to Wednesdays, same day as new comics come in! This gives me some extra breathing room, since it’s been late the last few weeks due to work stuff. As I put together the episodes, I like how easy going the show is, and it’s what I always wanted it to be: Two old friends talking geeky stuff, helping people navigate a market filled to the brim with new material, stuff about the history of comics, but never becoming a “Everything new sucks!” show, and enough silliness to give a chuckle as you listen.

-I am not a big horror fan, but I will say that the online fandom for horror movies is 150% less filled with jerks than the big SF movie franchise fandoms.

-I watched a Marvel online event where they interviewed Spider-Man creators where they gave away an NFT. I mentioned that I had watched it on Twitter and have been inundated with Cypto-bros wanting to ask me about the blockchain. So, I did just that. Blocked them.

-I’d like if Marvel scanned and put their western comics up on Marvel Unlimited in full. After the hero books took over, they (and the romance comics) were used for new talent to try out and get their chops before going onto the superhero books. Plus, I haven’t read a lot of them, and they ones I have read are decent enough fun.

Much love to friends old and new. Be kind, be courageous, and be cool.


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