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A few quick thoughts on Sarah Palin

I’ve been watching the utter meltdown of Sarah Palin over the weekend with fascination.  And, before people jump on me about it, I’m not reading ANYTHING about the speech from the left.  The right has had enough, and her speech at Steve King’s fundraiser/rally weekend seems to have finally gotten the mainstream right to quit fearing her.

There is a lot of anger about how she worked in 2012 to derail Romney with her “bus tour”, her fundraising that never seems to go to candidates, her backing of Tea Party candidates who force more mainstream candidates to tack much further right than they would like and other stunts she pulls when she wants attention.  One person I know who is about a Republican as you can be said, “If she’d just get a reality show, she would just leave us alone.”

So, I fully expect to start hearing stories about her fundraising not going anywhere but a bank, her husband’s business deals and some of the other more unsavory things…not on Liberal websites and such, but more of the right-leaning and Big Business backed sites.  They see her incoherent speech before an audience who looked for confused than adoring as a chance to put her away before they have to try and win the Big One in 2016.

Then again, never count her out.  Her fans are as devoted as a 14 year old girl at the height of Beatlemania.


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