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Today’s observations

My political observations today:

-Last night Trump said that a congresswoman’s dead husband was in hell. She is being criticized for saying that what Trump said was despicable and hurt her deeply because we should be used to the President being a vile, abusive piece of dog crap by now I guess.

-If the Republicans are upset that the articles of impeachment are being delayed, they should just think of them as military aid to a country being attacked by Russia, and it’ll be perfectly fine and Jesus-like.

-Any time Louis Gomert speaks, I pray for Skynet to activate and wipe out humanity.

-I watched 15 minutes of the “debate” in Congress and saw a man say that Jesus was treated better than Donald Trump by Pontius Pilate, that CNN is a criminal organization, and I have no idea what the rest of them said because I was too busy throwing up.

-The same people who said they would begin Impeachment proceedings the day Hillary Clinton took office in 2017 were near tears saying that the Democrats have planned this since day one of the Trump Administration, proving that not only is projection real, but it makes you cry.

-I haven’t turned Fox News on, were they all wearing black armbands?

-Last night’s episode of All Elite Wrestling was really good. It has nothing to do with politics, but since I cover it for, I was glad to see they are improving the show.

-The most pathetic story out of the whole day was when Lindsey Graham said he was on the phone with Trump, consoling him over the impeachment. Let. That. Sink. In.

-The Democrats have a Presidential debate tonight that I could not possibly care less about. Let me reiterate: I would vote for a damp cloth is they ran it against Trump.


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