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Why is Cory!! tired?

People often ask me why I am a bit overwhelmed and tired.  Today, my study materials arrived for the second stage of my certification, and I am planning on taking the test in late May.  So, this means that, for this year, I am: 

  • Working a full time job
  • Working a part-time job that demands full time hours (albeit many of those hours are “sleep” shifts)
  • Creating a weekly 90 minute comic book podcast
  • Creating a bi-weekly podcast turning my fiction into audio books
  • Taking said books and converting them to eBooks for purchase on Amazon, and I would like to have one new book available per quarter
  • Creating a bi-weekly comedy advice podcast
  • Creating a 2 – 3 times a month solo podcast with interviews and experimental topics.
  • Creating a 2 – 3 times a month podcast giving “dvd commentary” style analysis of comics series
  • Writing said novels with a plan of writing 2 – 3 per year
  • Editing said novels into shape for use as audiobooks and eBooks
  • Going to the gym 3 – 5 times a week
  • Doing yoga at home 3 – 5 times a week
  • Getting 10,000 steps a day
  • Reading for podcasts as well as for knowledge and pleasure
  • Take a Master’s level class through independent study
  • Connecting more often with friends and family
  • Meditation a couple of times a day, albeit 15 – 30 minute sessions
  • 4 small vacation style trips so as to relax as well as expand my horizons
  • Eat healthy (which means cooking more and spending more time making meals)
  • Running my house, paying bills, cleaning and the like
  • Volunteering

 Other than that, I don’t have all that much going on this year.  And you?



What I am thinking about today 1/8/2018

What I am thinking about today:

  1. Chris Jericho dedicated his WrestleKingdom match to Eddie Geurerro and Chris Benoit. The whole Benoit story is devastating to me, since I just keep thinking about how I would react if someone I had known for years did something horrific. It’s a tough question, and I can see why Jericho dedicated his match to Benoit, and I can see why people are upset by this. In the end, it’s not my call.
  2. We are about the see an avalanche of political books after Fire and Fury made a bajillion dollars over the weekend. And months from now, they will be sold to used books stores and stocked on tables, mostly unread like all of the other “big political books” of the last 25 years.
  3. I am reading about how comic shops are faltering and in trouble, while articles OUTSIDE the comics industry talk about how sales are higher than ever. To me, this shows that the terrible distribution system created in the late 1970’s that saved comic book publishing is in need of an overhaul. I also wonder about the viability of the monthly comic book. The next few years will see profound changes in this industry.
  4. The pace of events seems to be speeding up even more over the last two years. More and more people are feeling overwhelmed, overstressed, and that things are out of control. When this happens, it’s OK to step back, slow down, and disconnect. Social media, politic battles, shifting marketplaces and the pace of work continue if you are attuned to them or not. It’s important to note how many people are trying to go back to cooking meals, playing board games, coloring, and the like. It’s not nostalgia, but an attempt to slow things down. Take that time, recenter yourself.
  5. I have known people who constantly are throwing chaos into the world, and while you are in it with them, it’s thrilling, and exciting, and you feel important, but it also keeps you from examining if you happy or satisfied while in the whirlwind. Things don’t have to feel chaotic in order to be important. Just breathe for a bit and enjoy your burrito..
  6. You’ve got to love everybody and make ‘em feel good about themselves.

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