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What I am thinking about today: 2/24/2022

-Sorry, lots of political thoughts today. I try not to do it, but it’s preoccupying me.

-No, the invasion of Ukraine is not the start of WW III any more than the invasion of the Crimean Peninsula was. It is Putin knowing that the stakes are too great for NATO to start a war over a county that isn’t part of NATO, expanding Russia for economic reasons, and drumming up nationalism when his popularity in Russia is wavering. The scary part is that our Trumpian right wing is cheering him on. I swear at this point if Russia bombed a blue state, the red states would cheer.

-The Texas Governor’s new executive order that declares trans medical care child abuse & orders investigations of supportive parents is a terrible thing, one of the worst things I have seen in the US in a while, and is a pretense for the rules to go in front of the highly right wing Supreme Court. They tried to get this as a law before but the courts struck it down, so they are, predictably, going around the rules to enact it. As long as I live, I will never understand the hate for LGBTQ people and will do what I can to oppose it. I have been around LGBTQ people as long as I have lived, and they are people. As deserving of respect, love, and protection as any other human being. When someone singles out a group for persecution, they show themselves to be less than human, IMHO.

– On a nonpolitical note, the show Girl Meets Farm has been giving me a lot of comfort and joy. It’s a cooking show, filled with fun cooking ideas, and the host projects a feeling of warmth and fun that makes the show a nice half hour of comfort. It’s stress free watching, and I need that at times. Although, she could stop saying the word “cozy” 20 times an episode and I would be fine with that.

-Speaking of comfort, now that the Star Trek novels aren’t all interconnected and are back to mostly one offs, they are a comfort as well. Professionally written, engaging plots with familiar characters. I am not one for rewatching things, so it gives me the familiar vibes of rewatching a show with my annoyance that I know where each scene is going.

-The current Spider-Man storyline in the comics is well done, and for a story put together by a four person writing team, remarkably consistent. There is a place for “corporate” comics as well as more individual comics just like there’s a place for a TV series with a writing team as well as a singular vision.

-In a dream last night, I was arrested for murder. I didn’t know who had been killed, and thought, when I was questioned, I was just giving information on someone dangerous. What got me was the level of detail in the dream of the entire world Dream Me was living in. I knew things in this alternate life going back to childhood, the town I was living in, and the rest. When I woke up, I kept thinkign about it, and both in the dream and awake I was trying to think of how I could prove my innocence. It wasn’t until I got out of bed that I realized that the GSR test not only showed only GSR on my hand (not clothing or the rest, meaning I was given a gun to hold covered in GSR), but that I showed I had held the gun in my left hand, when I am right handed. So, Dream Me, I just figured out how to prove your innocence.

Much love to friends old and new. Be kind, be courageous, and be cool.


What I am thinking about today, 2/21/2022

-The people banning books are complaining about cancel culture. I weep for an entire group of people who have never heard Allison Morrisette’s music.

-Joe and I recorded last week for today’s podcast, and something weird happened on his end, shutting down Skype and losing the recording after the shutdown. It’s why I like to have fill in episodes waiting, but two hours of chatting was lost in the ether. I used a lot of swear words when I discovered that.

-I mean a LOT of swear words. It was worse than a version of the Aristocrats.

-Superfly by Curtis Mayfield is the top soundtrack album that outshine the movie.

-I finished watching Star Trek Prodigy this weekend, and it’s a good kid’s show that introduces Star Trek to a new generation. It had science puzzles, stories about learning to work together as a crew, and the animation was beautiful. I also liked that the alien races seemed like actual aliens instead of people with makeup. It wasn’t made for me, but it’s a nice half hour SF show that plays in a familiar universe.

-I need to take a break from the self published mystery novels I keep getting on my Kindle (most are free to get you to buy the next book in the series) and go back to a time when midline books had some supervision. The last one I read felt like the author couldn’t figure out how the killed could be discovered, so she just had them show up and explain how it was done. I get that mysteries are bard, but the “I have you beaten, so now here is how I did it” is beyond cringey at this point.

Much love to friends old and new. Be kind, be courageous, and be cool.


What I am thinking about today: 2/8/2022

What I am thinking about today:

-I was once told that “whatever foods you are craving is what your body needs to be healthy.” The person who told me that has obviously never craved Honeycomb cereal, Goldfish crackers by the handful, bourbon, or caramel syrup.

-I have three days off from the office job starting tomorrow. I will be using it to try to catch up on things in the house, reset my busy schedule, and run every errand I haven’t had time to run for the last three months. Saturday will be for rest, and Sunday is a group home shift where things will be quiet and calm. My Sundays with the clients are nice in that I don’t have to rush things. They are more laid back and I don’t have to worry about getting them fed, their meds and into bed before they get too tired to do anything.

-I will also see about getting out and doing something a few times while I am off. Working from home and then over to the group hoem means I am really only spending time either alone or with developmentally disabled folks. I love the people I work with, but it’s hard to have a conversation of some heft with them. And, even if I don’t talk to anyone, getting to a coffee house for some reading and people watching, or going to a place to shoot pool would be a welcome change.

-The Oscars were announced today. I haven’t seen most of them, but then I haven’t seen most movies due to the insane schedule I seem to be on. I did laugh at Bill Mahar last year when he had a long whine that the Oscar movies were sad. Dude, have you EVER PAID ATTENTION TO WHAT WINS? It’s well known that comedies never win, and Oscar voters prefer tragedies because they are more “serious” and therefor more important to the people who vote for them.

-At this point in my life, I only pay attention to award nominations to see them as suggestions for things to try. There is so much art/media being produced you can’t possibly keep up on it if you have any sort of life. I am behind on everything (Just finished Squid Game last weekend) that I have a list I am working through without trying to keep up.

Much love to friends old and new. Be kind, be courageous, and be cool.


What I am thinking about today: 2/3/2022

What I am thinking about today:

-The reason why Maus being banned as a text on the Holocaust by a school district is a big deal for a few reasons. First, it is another in a wave of book bannings that shows how the right wing are going to try to win back the suburbs after losing them under Trump. The second is that it is one of the few books about the Holocaust that does not have a “kind white person” as a savior.

-”The Diary of Anne Frank” is about a family being hidden by Kind White People. MOST of the Holocaust narratives is about someone saving people (and in Anne Frank, her time in a camp is not in the book) Maus is about what it was like in the camps without a savior. It shows the evil of that happened with no saving graces. That is why it is important, and why removing it removes an aspect of the horror of what happened that is so hard for people removed from it be history to wrap their minds around.

-”Hey Cory!!, what do you think about the Whoopi Goldberg situation?” I don’t.

-I am at level of burnout at my office job, and thankfully, I have scheduled a few days off next week. It comes off as me not giving much of a damn about anything. I’ll be happy to actually give a damn in a couple of weeks.

-I am reading a mystery where the subplot is the lead character trying to figure out the password to a thumb drive. The author has said the owner of the thumb drive had a bunch of stuff written on the business card that doesn’t make any sense and had given it to the lead character with a note about the thumb drive existing. Let’s hope the writer is trying to make the point that the lead character is the dumbest human being alive.

-Moviemaker Roland Emmerich is complaining that super-hero movies are killing the movie business and aren’t real cinema. So, the guy who gave us the 1998 Godzilla movie, Independence Day: Resurgence, 10,000 BC, and the upcoming Moonfall (a movie about the Moon being an alien bent on destroying the Earth) thinks Avengers: Endgame isn’t up to his standards of quality. Roland, I can call you Roland, right? Go pound sand, Roland.

Much love to friends old and new. Be kind, be courageous, and be cool.


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