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What I am thinking about today: 2/3/2022

What I am thinking about today:

-The reason why Maus being banned as a text on the Holocaust by a school district is a big deal for a few reasons. First, it is another in a wave of book bannings that shows how the right wing are going to try to win back the suburbs after losing them under Trump. The second is that it is one of the few books about the Holocaust that does not have a “kind white person” as a savior.

-”The Diary of Anne Frank” is about a family being hidden by Kind White People. MOST of the Holocaust narratives is about someone saving people (and in Anne Frank, her time in a camp is not in the book) Maus is about what it was like in the camps without a savior. It shows the evil of that happened with no saving graces. That is why it is important, and why removing it removes an aspect of the horror of what happened that is so hard for people removed from it be history to wrap their minds around.

-”Hey Cory!!, what do you think about the Whoopi Goldberg situation?” I don’t.

-I am at level of burnout at my office job, and thankfully, I have scheduled a few days off next week. It comes off as me not giving much of a damn about anything. I’ll be happy to actually give a damn in a couple of weeks.

-I am reading a mystery where the subplot is the lead character trying to figure out the password to a thumb drive. The author has said the owner of the thumb drive had a bunch of stuff written on the business card that doesn’t make any sense and had given it to the lead character with a note about the thumb drive existing. Let’s hope the writer is trying to make the point that the lead character is the dumbest human being alive.

-Moviemaker Roland Emmerich is complaining that super-hero movies are killing the movie business and aren’t real cinema. So, the guy who gave us the 1998 Godzilla movie, Independence Day: Resurgence, 10,000 BC, and the upcoming Moonfall (a movie about the Moon being an alien bent on destroying the Earth) thinks Avengers: Endgame isn’t up to his standards of quality. Roland, I can call you Roland, right? Go pound sand, Roland.

Much love to friends old and new. Be kind, be courageous, and be cool.


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