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What I am thinking about today: 1/9/2022

What I am thinking about today:

The group home job is super easy today, thankfully since I am the only staff here, as we only have two clients in the house, and both are wheelchair bound and nap a lot. We’ve been watching old TV shows and they are nodding off. Relaxed, getting all of their stuff done, and the like. Low stress, high contact and caring, the kind of day I like.

Dreamed that they replaced the entire supervisory staff at a job I worked and one of them let slip that I was going to be let go the next day. I spent the rest off the dream exploring the building and trying to figure out a way to let them know I knew so that I didn’t have to come all at way into the job just to go home. The rest of the dream was the building became more and more of a maze and me knowing I could get another job in a heartbeat.

My Saturdays off have a wonderful routine to them now, where I get up around 9 am, make a breakfast rather than jamming some cereal down my pie hole. I then decide on the One Big Thing I will do (yesterday was cleaning to the kitchen and fridge). I do that in between watching the stuff recorded during the week. I also had to cover the AEW Special on TNT for, which was a solid hour of pro wrestling. There is something great about a wrestling show just being an hour where it feels fast, it ends while you still want more, and AEW’s product is enjoyable.

I don’t do goals, I do themes. A goal is something you can either meet or fail at, and I don’t think you should set yourself up for failure. Instead, I think I do best when I work small changes into my life. For people to change, it’s pretty hard. I have known people who actively WANT to change (or tell me that to get me to let them back into my life) but they always fall back into old patterns and behaviors. So, my theme this year si to be more present in what I do.

I have always felt that “multi-tasking” is bullshit created by employers who want more work out of you. Studies show that you don’t really multi-task, you switch from thing to thin, and it takes time to fully engage with the new thing you are doing. So, I actively fight against the idea of Multi-tasking.

As the year goes on, I want to me more fully engages in what I do. When I wash dishes, I won’t think about the next task, I’ll just think about what I am doing. When I read a book, I will not wonder about my schedule the next day. When I am at work, I will focus on one task at a time, rather than plan how I will get everything done before the end of the day. If some things needs to be delayed, they need to be delayed. When I am not working, I won’t allow it into my thoughts.

It’s simple. It’s hard. And it’s what I want to be doing.

Be kind, be courageous, and be cool.


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