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What I am thinking about today, 2/21/2022

-The people banning books are complaining about cancel culture. I weep for an entire group of people who have never heard Allison Morrisette’s music.

-Joe and I recorded last week for today’s podcast, and something weird happened on his end, shutting down Skype and losing the recording after the shutdown. It’s why I like to have fill in episodes waiting, but two hours of chatting was lost in the ether. I used a lot of swear words when I discovered that.

-I mean a LOT of swear words. It was worse than a version of the Aristocrats.

-Superfly by Curtis Mayfield is the top soundtrack album that outshine the movie.

-I finished watching Star Trek Prodigy this weekend, and it’s a good kid’s show that introduces Star Trek to a new generation. It had science puzzles, stories about learning to work together as a crew, and the animation was beautiful. I also liked that the alien races seemed like actual aliens instead of people with makeup. It wasn’t made for me, but it’s a nice half hour SF show that plays in a familiar universe.

-I need to take a break from the self published mystery novels I keep getting on my Kindle (most are free to get you to buy the next book in the series) and go back to a time when midline books had some supervision. The last one I read felt like the author couldn’t figure out how the killed could be discovered, so she just had them show up and explain how it was done. I get that mysteries are bard, but the “I have you beaten, so now here is how I did it” is beyond cringey at this point.

Much love to friends old and new. Be kind, be courageous, and be cool.


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