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What I am thinking about today 3/15/2022

-Wrestler Scott Hall passed away yesterday. He was part of the biggest wrestling story fo all time that created the biggest wrestling boom of all time while doing an imitation of Al Pacino’s “Scarface” accent. He had a rough life filled with psychological trauma and substance abuse because of it. Dallas Page helped him turn his life around, and to me, that is more important that the fame, the matches, and the career. I wish peace and love to his friends, family, and fans.

-Super vivid dreams lately about paths not taken. Weird in many ways. I did like the dream last night where I was in a small grocery story that was mostly stocked with “healthy” cereals and I explained to people that if I were a kid, I would have lost my mind. IT’S NOT JUST A GIMMICK, EVERYONE!!

-According to the forecast, we are about to get our spring warm up here in Minnesota. For once, I am kind of looking forward to it because I felt cooped up more than normal. Not just for me, but the people at the group homes I work at. Many of them have been in the house with only car rides to get out since it got chilly. I just hope we don’t go from cold to UNBEARABLY HUMID AND TERRIBLE like we did last year.

-I see we in the US are looking to make Daylight Saving Permanent, mostly because people are tired of changing their clocks. I wonder why we haven’t tried that before. Oh wait. We did. In 1974. And everyone hated it. A LOT.

-I am not at the group home at much, so I agreed to OT at the office job. Oddly, my supervisor sent me a message “Why do you have 2 hours of overtime today? What task do you need extra time for?” I sent back one of the 20 emails requesting people to work, many with a sense of desperation, with a note that said, “I don’t know why, but they have requested people for overtime every day for the last three months.” Left hand, please talk to the right hand.

Much love to friends old and new!


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