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What I am thinking about today

Today is National Cereal day, but there are no special cereals this year. There are cereal based cookie kits, but it’s not the same, dammit.

Was utterly wiped when I got off work at the group home yesterday, and was asked to come back and work a sleeping overnight. I slept when I got home, went in and took a while to get back to sleep. Had dreams that would be best called annoying, including one where my son had changed up my computer. The keyboard had a new one with 4 times the keys, the operating system was a weird version of Microsoft BOB with wood paneling, to get to the internet, you had to simulate driving a car (and I accidentally turned onto a plane runway and ran into a landing jetliner so I couldn’t get on the internet), and I couldn’t figure out how to access anything on the hard drive. AND I JUST WANTED TO LISTEN TO A SONG. I kept telling everyone around me that this new system was terrible and I wanted the old one back. It wasn’t a nightmare, but the feeling of utter frustration carried over to my morning.

Heh. Microsoft BOB. I never ran it, but I am just fascinated by that massive failure. I still remember seeing a computer running it in a store and kept thinking, “This would just annoy me if it was on my computer.”

At the group home yesterday, all of the clients hung out in their own spaces, didn’t interact much, and did their own thing. I let them enjoy that for a Sunday because I know there would be times I don’t want to hang out with people either. However, at one point, there were three TVs playing “Match Game.”

The 10 day forecast says that 10 days from now, Chaska, MN will have a high of 61 degrees. I am not an outdoorsy kind of guy, but I will be happy to have time to read on the deck, hike and get the group home clients OUT OF THE HOUSE.

Be kind, be courageous, and be cool.


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