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What I am thinking about today, 4/5/2022

My daughter-in-law posted that she gets to enjoy their vacation more because The Boy has planned everything for them. I am incredibly happy about this for a lot of reasons, but the big one is that my marriage fell apart because I was so worried about us not having enough money to get by that I worked so many hours between the two jobs, I didn’t have anything of myself left to give anyone. He has learned from my mistakes while taking my propensity for planning. I have a lot of reason to be proud of him, but this one is what I am thinking about today.

I cannot stop thinking that the Professor who oversaw the college newspaper when I wrote for them would be pleased that I FINALLY am doing journalism. And then when he found out it was writing about Professional Wrestling, he’d put his head in in hands. He kept pushing me to go into journalism, but everything I wrote was opinion based, so I knew there was no way to jump directly into that. And now, newspapers are pretty much dead.

The group home clients like watching the old shows on things like Antenna TV and MeTV, so I saw the old show “It’s A Living” being shown, and I didn’t think it lasted long enough to be syndicated. THE SHOW LASTED 6 SEASONS!!!

The Super Console X I purchased is a bit quirky, but I love that I can fire it up and play old arcade games, old NES games, and I am starting to branch out into games I never got to play “back in the day”. I tend to fire it up 2 – 3 times a week, and wallow in video game nostalgia.

Be kind, be courageous, and be cool.


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