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What I am thinking about today 10/22/2019:

 It’s entirely too clear that I should not have worked every night last week at the group home job. I still exhausted, irritable and feel like I am months behind on things. Could it be I am getting too old to put in 60 to 70 hour weeks? Nah, it’s got to be something else.

It’s about time for, National Novel Writing Month, and I’ll be taking part again. I even have a keyboard for my tablet so that I can write pretty much anywhere. I like November for writing, even though it’s our busiest month of the year in the Benefits world because it helps me focus on the writing. I know it’s hard to believe, but with two jobs and multiple podcasts, I find it hard to put aside time for writing and usually only do it a couple of times a week during the rest of the month. All I want to say about this year’s novel is that the theme will be how hard it is for groups to stay together and the cost of bad leadership.

Speaking of our busy time, the Overtime for the office job has been coming every week, despite them saying that there will be no overtime. Now that we are hitting the busy time of the year, there is even MORE of it. I pretty much take it since I live by myself, don’t date, and can schedule podcasting around it. So…there’s that.

I was reading through some older comics last night and it struck me just how good Robert Loren Fleming was. Of course, Thriller was ground breakingly brilliant, but his Ambush Bug scripting still cracks me up, and his work on the mini-series Underworld as well as the Ragman revamp from the 90’s. A damn shame we don’t have more work by him. I’d also love to get that pitch his did for Thriller, since DC Editorial at the time said it was the best pitch they had ever received.

Much love to friends old and new.


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