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What I am thinking about today: 9/16

What I am thinking about today:

I got a comment today that I loved: “Kindness and wisdom on social media? You are brave, Cory.”

My answer is simple: Social Media is what we make it. I listen to pundits and observers saying that it is the bane of our existence, filled with hate and fake stories.

I’m sorry, but social media, by itself, is neutral. If we fill it with hate, it’ll be hate filled. If we fill it with what we want it to be, don’t follow or give in to the anger and division, it won’t be like that. I follow friends, follow comics fans, artists, writers, and other creative folks whose works I buy and enjoy.

I read about Bronze age creators who are travelling to far off places for people to express the love of their work, comics artist showing off their latest stuff, publishers discussing the projects they are proud of, endless cat pictures, sports fans living and dying by their teams and so on. So, given a choice of making things worse, or making things better, I will try to make things better.

I didn’t always do it, and I can dive into snark from time to time, but I really feel that all we have is each other, and I want to learn from people all around the world who I may share an interest or connection with.  

Ric Ocasek passed this weekend. I loved The Cars, as did just about everyone my age. They were band that appealed to a wide group of people in the late 90’s/early 80’s with elements of pop, new wave, and power rock. They had 4 great albums, 1 good one and two stinkers, and gave the worst concert I ever attended. He was a wonderfully quirky artist, who brought art to his music and videos, and I dare say the first two albums are still eminently listenable.

Boris Johnson said he is like The Hulk in a recent statement, and immediately a petition was started to shoot him into space, as was done to the Hulk in the comics. I love that.

Much love to friends old and new.


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