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This impeachment is moving at breakneck speed, as anything involved His Orangeness does, so I want to lay out my prediction for what will happen. Here’s what I think and why:

Sooner than we think, Trump will resign from the Presidency in return for a Nixon style pardon for himself and his children, leaving Pence to be the President going into 2020. The reasons I think this are:

• Pelosi has said that she wouldn’t bring up impeachment unless the case was Iron Clad. The stuff we got yesterday from the Inspector General give an iron clad case that the call to Ukraine WAS what was alleged, the revelation that there was a cover-up of not just this but many other calls, and Trump threatening witnesses with execution at a closed door meeting means they have at least three articles of impeachment already, and that’s without any of the investigation that will take up the fall.

• Senate Republicans are starting to waver, already. We’re starting to get statements like “It’s worse than we thought,” “this is troubling” etc… Add to that the Mitch allowed the vote on releasing the information and it passed unanimously should scare the White House, since Mitch is the master of procedure and could have bottled this up until 2025 if he wanted.

• The Murdoch son in charge of Fox News has been holding meetings on “Life after Trump.” I will also point out that he never liked Trump as per the book on Rogen Ailes, and Paul Ryan (also not a fan of Trump) is now a powerful member of Fox News’s board of directors.

• Trump’s speech yesterday at a closed Republican function where he threated witnesses was leaked within minutes of it ending. Someone, or many someones there want to make sure he goes down.

• Do you think that Pence, who has the backing of the Party Powerful, took it well when Trump tried to throw him under the bus?

• Republicans are looking at Trump’s impressive negative numbers and seeing that it translates to their losing. That’s why there is another massive wave of retirements on the Republican side. They figure if he is gone, they can stop the bleeding. It’s also funny to me that common wisdom is that the Republicans made a huge mistake in impeaching Clinton. May I remind you of the fact that Republicans won big in 2000, sweeping Bush into office during a year when he supposedly didn’t have a chance? (Yes, I know they stole Florida)

• If Trump resigns, he can keep railing against the “deep state” that he has convinced his people follow him on, and use it to build a new series of businesses that milk them for their Social Security money. A Cable network (which Trump has wanted for decades). There, he can obsess about ratings, fleece his followers, and fight off the state charges that will eat away at his businesses for the rest of his life, but not have to worry about any federal charges.

This is just my opinion and reading the tea leaves. So please, no wagering


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