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The Lack of Jobs Of The Future

A number of factors are going to change employment in the next few years, but the biggest one I am not hearing anything about from the people who do political analysis is the effect of self-driving card. WE all think it means cabs will be self-driving or we can just putz around on our daily commute, but there is something HUGE going to happen.

Rural American is very reliant on trucking jobs. The farming economy has shifted from family farm to factories, so many of the people in rural parts of the country rely on trucking jobs. They pay well, as opposed to the minimum wage jobs at factory farms and Wal-Mart, but once the self-driving cars show up, the first massive use of the technology will be to eliminate driving jobs in trucking. People drive too long to make miles, get paid a lot compared to the upkeep of a system, and the self-driving tech is showing to be safer and will only become better with time.

And of the last sources of good income for rural America will be gone. The people who are already mad that their way of life is “under attack” will get the rub ripped out from under them AGAIN, as they did with Reagan, Bush, et. al.

What sort of jobs will there be for them? Yes, the Baby Boomers are finally leaving the work force, but will there be enough jobs for people? And when it happens that there Just Aren’t Enough Jobs, not everyone can make their own business selling quilts and cleaning houses. We are looking at another revolution, just not one with guns like has been talked about since Clinton. The revolution will be of the industrial sort.


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