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The Infamous Halloween Blizzard of 1991

25 years ago was the Halloween blizzard.

My son and I were invited to a birthday party for one of my friend’s kids, and when I got off of work at Shinder’s, I picked him up at daycare and we got on the freeway. Then, the snow hit. We were stuck in traffic for over two hours, and while it was a long time to wait, the way home was just as long, and I decided that since we were already out in it, we might as well finish. He was in his beloved Spider-Man pajamas, and we listened to the radio as we sat in traffic.

When we got there, there were no other children because, well, they were smart and stayed home. This was my son’s first Halloween where he was old enough to understand trick or treating, so we went door to door (which was going to be part of the party) and loaded up, walking through streets and sidewalks covered in snow.

We got a LOAD of candy and came back, had cake and warmed up, and listened to the news to see when the roads had cleared up a bit, and we drove back, and I dropped him off at his mother’s.

Once I got home, I was stuck. The next morning, I tried to dig my way out, and in trying to move the car, the transmission dropped. It was a crappy little Chevette, and I was always having transmission trouble in my memory, but the good thing was that when I called work to tell them I wouldn’t be in, they said they weren’t opening the suburban stores. Since the car wouldn’t be fixed until that Monday (the tow truck made it to my place late Friday night), I was set to be home for the next few days.

However, the group home I worked at was snowed in, and the staff who was working that weekend had actually been snowed in since Thursday night…and he called Saturday, begging me to come in and work. I stated I couldn’t due to being snowed in and having no car, and he offered to drive to my house and pick me up if I would take over the shift….so, a few hours later, the van with all of the residents and the staff showed up at my6 house and brought me in to work.

The group home was in a bad way as well, since the fridge had died, so the food for the Refrigerator was in the bathtub in the staff office, with snow keeping it cold, and the freezer food was kept outside to stay frozen until a repairman could show on Monday. The residents were bored out of their minds, so there were lots of arguments and chaos….it was just not a good shift at all.

But, I made I through, paid for the car repair, and life got back to normal. However…the next year, mid-October, my son told me, “I can’t wait for the first snow!”

“Why is that?”

“Because that’s when you go to people’s houses and get candy.”


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