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Seeking Attention

I saw it again today, and just want to make a note of it. Someone posted something on Facebook (Oooooo, be more vague, Cory!!) and a “friend” replied “You’re just seeking attention.”

Well….yeah. That’s why you post things. That’s why you share pictures of what you are doing, statuses of your thoughts, a funny joke you saw, something you think is clever, a project you’re in the middle of, something you completed and want people to know about, party invitations, selfies, and so on.

So. What?

I WANT to know these things. It’s why I follow you on social media. If someone is proud, or lonely, or sad, or giddy or isolated, what is wrong with giving them attention? We all want to know that someone out there cares about us and wants us to do well. I think that once you get past the basic needs of shelter and safety, we want to know that someone out there loves us. Isolation drives depression, and there is nothing wrong with being a Who on Horton’s dandelion, shouting out “We are here!” hoping that we connect with someone. That they like what we have to say, they think our picture captures us at our best or simply that we have companionship.

So seek attention. Tell me what you think. Share your life. You matter and you are enough and I am glad to see it, even if it’s a statement I disagree with.

Much love to friends old and new, and if you need attention, I have an unlimited amount to give.


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