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Nerd Post!!

LOTS of nerdy news today that has kept my social media feeds jumping, so here are my takes on it. YMMV:

Captain America Plot Twist in the new first issue – I am shocked at how many people are taking this as a RetCon of major proportions, a betrayal of massive proportion and on and on and on… Folks, this is the shock start of a long storyline, although I have pretty much put the pieces together as to where they started setting it up. It’s like saying that “The X-Files is completely stupid now that Jesse Ventura and Alex Trebek are the TRUE Men In Black.” Don’t get mad because there is a plot twist in the first chapter.

DC Rebirth – Again, first part of the story, but I am concerned that they have opened the door to stupid crap like Silk Specter teaming up with Harley Quinn for wacky adventures. It will all boil down to a simply statement: Will the editors at DC hire good talent and let them tell good stories, because that is what has been missing from DC, IMHO.

Comixology’s “Netflix” style program – Looks like it’s just the starts of series that you can read for the $5.99, kind of like the low priced first issues everyone has been publishing lately. It’s an interesting start, but how do creators get paid? If it is just the first trade, is it worth the monthly fee? Too many unknowns here, but I will admit I love Marvel Unlimited with a passion.

WWE Smackdown going live on Tuesday with a hard brand split – I like this idea. Since the brand split went away, Smackdown has been the “follow-up match and afterthought show. I am worried that the roster is thin, and that Smackdown will get the 2nd tier talent, but done right, this can be fun. When Heyman was running Smackdown, the show was great and with the new talent coming up from NXT. However, the current roster is already thing, and the people running creative seem to struggle with putting together decent stories that people like. So, I am cautiously optimistic.



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