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The things I am thinking about today:

  • Donald Trump has been pretending to be his spokesmen since the early 80s under terrible fake names, has been a guy who thinks of women only as sex objects when he interacts with them, insults and threatens the leaders of countries who are our allies and admires the leaders of countries that are our adversaries. Your Republican Presidential Nominee, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to The End Times.
  • DC Comics has unveiled its new logo and people have opinions on it. Opinions. On a Logo. How do they feel about the font in the company e-mails?
  • I completed 15 hours of live video podcasting and didn’t have a complete meltdown on camera. That puts me one up on everyone employed by Fox News, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.
  • I should have ended the broadcast by singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”
  • If you got that joke….you’re old. Deal with it.
  • The last 6 years have been a very different life for me. The podcast has thrust me into interacting with people in a different way than before. More honest. More open. In my last relationship, the woman I was with kept telling me I was mysterious and would constantly ask if I was hiding something. I see myself as fairly honest and open, but over the last 6 years, I realized that I do keep a lot of what I think to myself when dealing with people in person. I listen more than I talk, I ask them to share more, but I don’t offer up…and people loved to be asked about themselves so that they can talk about themselves. I don’t know if it was a defense mechanism or not, but I was happy to have them tell me about themselves rather than tell them about me. I don’t share emotionally because I feel that no one really cares about that, they just want to be validated. So, in podcasting, I do share parts of myself, but I don’t really have anyone who I share everything with.
  • And that’s just the way it is. Neither good nor bad. It just is. Make of that what you will.
  • If you want a President who stays up all night responding to 12 year old Twitter Trolls, I think we’ve got a candidate for you.
  • The Bernie Sanders supporters really make it so I don’t like that fact that I support him. It reminds me of fans of Depesh Mode in college, I like the music, but I hate the fans so much, I don’t want to listen any more.
  • I deal with this more often than I’d like, but my co-workers are talking about dating and show such incredible callousness and disregard for the actual human beings they are in relationships with that it makes me wonder why anyone even tries to make it work. We are all junior high students with money and no curfews.
  • Although, I would put up with someone who said that about me behind my back if they would spend time with and treated me as if they gave a shit to my face. I’m pretty shallow like that.
  • I am plotting out a grand novel that takes a series of character through a group creative process in the 50’s because I want to explore the similarities and differences between that sort of thing then and now. I also have a very diverse cast of characters who will bounce off of each other well. The book will not follow normal novel structure, but instead will be spaced over 5 years, with each section being a different “season” of the radio show they work on. It is big, ambitious and outside my grasp. And it’s time to try that.
  • I like breakfast cereal and would eat it all the time for every meal. But I don’t keep any in the house now because it’s too easy to just eat a bowl of it than make something healthy.
  • You would think that being godless, I’d be an existentialist. However, more and more I tend to see us all as one, and when we actually give a damn about each other, our lives are enhanced. When I do go to a church, the only part that resonates for me is turning to your neighbor to share “The Peace Of God.” Just turning to each other and wishing each other well. Why is that so hard for us as a species? Are we just hardwired to be competitive assholes and it takes years of work to become empathetic and decent hairless apes?
  • Heh. Hairless apes. I love that. First read it in Howard the Duck by Steve Gerber. Fuck, I miss Steve Gerber. And John D McDonald. And days off. But mostly Steve Gerber.
  • I need to do this more often.

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