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What I am thinking about today: 5/2/2022

The interview I posted with Nyla Rose was the first one I have done where I had to deal with publicists, approvals, having them send me the audio and the like, and it was also time limited. I thought it was neat that they said if I needed to do any pickups or re-records to let them know, since I am used to just taking what I have and editing it into an episode. The ending that they felt was clumsy sounds good to me, and I send them to audio last week (before it was posted) so show I am a good media partner. I keep moving up with a combination of hard work, hustle, and pure curiosity. I hope you listen to it and like it, since Nyla is a fascinating person.

By the way, I had to take three days to write the last paragraph because it sounds like bragging, which I have been in Minnesota too long to feel comfortable with. NONE of this would be possible if you folks didn’t download the podcast, listen to it and tell your friends to do so. So thank you for letting me play at being a radio host on the internet.I am re-reading some older comics I enjoyed in the past or got incredibly far behind on.

This week I read the first 20 issues of Hellblazer (the original run) and it took a while for the book to find it’s footing. It started with a series of one shot horror stories that led to a “big revelation about John Constantine’s past” with the 12th issue. The art was hard to follow, the coloring didn’t help in any way, and the stories themselves were fairly hit or miss and could have been ANY horror comic. After the 12th issue, they changed art styles, went for more traditional coloring, and focused more on Constantine than the plot, making the stories feel more like he had a part in them. Back then, comics could get away with taking some time to find their groove. Now, if you aren’t a hit out of the gate, you’re done. I wonder how many comics of the last decade could have become great over time if given some time to settle into a groove.

The second series I am revisiting is the Garth Ennis Punisher MAX series. Let’s face it, Ennis figured out how to write the Punisher because he had written Judge Dredd. Dredd is a British character that has been in weekly comics since 1977, and he does not change. It’s all about making the villains and the plots interesting, and Dredd is a force of nature. Same for the Punisher. He can’t “change and grow” because if you do that, he’s not the Punisher any more. His run is incredibly violent, disturbing, and the kind of book Marvel doesn’t do any more since the MAX line is dead. It’s an amped up version of the 70’s “Men’s action novel”.

I feel like the only wrestling fan who doesn’t own a belt. I don’t WANT to own a belt. The Championship Belt is something should be earned, not purchased. And yes, I know that the outcomes are pre-determined, but the person who si a champion has earned the belt by their work ethic, causing fan reactions, and showing they can be trusted by the company to be in that role. It’s like buying an Oscar or a Grammy. But that’s just MY way of thinking. I’ll stick with t-shirts and the like.

Be kind, be courageous, and be cool.

Much love to friends old and new.


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