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That ain’t karma

I see that the “Pharma Bro” has been arrested and all over social media, people are cheering, saying that it’s Karma.

I am weary of people calling it Karma. Karma is a concept that what you do in their life determines how you come back in the next one. No matter what John Lennon said, there is no “instant karma”. Bad people do bad shit all the time and get away with it. Good people do good things and get beaten down despite it. I find that and the whole “things happen for a reason” to be the worst kind of privileged bullshit on the internet.

Things do NOT happen for a reason. Things happen. Your monkey brain assigns a reason, but things happen, good and bad for no reason at all unless someone is doing them. He was arrested for shady business dealings from years ago, and I will bet a year’s worth of pie it is because he stole from rich people. Steal from poor people, get a bailout and a bonus, steal from rich people, go to jail. The shitty things he has done that make the internet hate him are legal, protected and celebrated. So the whole “finally, karma caught up with him” is bullshit. And it wears me out.


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