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What I am thinking about today 9/12/2019

What I am thinking about today:

There is a news story releasing the e-mail of Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr. showing him insulting students and staff, bragging about how he fleeces his followers, brags about his political power and sex life and on and on and on. I won’t be making the usual comments when a religious leader is found out to be a dirtbag. I WILL, however, point out that when people ask “Why are people turning away from religion,” I’ll point directly at this.

For most of my life, religious leaders have backed a specific political party AND conflated that party with piety and a belief in God. As more and more people see the hypocrisy of that, the more they just give up on religion all together. When you say God has chosen Donald Trump, and people all know him to be a liar who cheats on his wife with porn stars, runs charities that takes money meant for kids with cancer and spends it on himself and his kids, and much more; it makes people question why they should listen to religious figures. And ALL of the religious people in the media do the same thing.

They stand up for Trump on his cruelest things, family separation, threating to kill people, telling his follows to beat up those who disagree with them, allegation of sexual assault, and on and on. Is it any wonder why people look at that and say “Religion? Nah, it ain’t for me. They are a bunch of greedy bullies who mistreat women.”

My next comics shipment will have the Alter Ego issue that spotlights Steve Ditko, the first volume in the (hopefully) complete reprinting of the Ms. Tree series that introduced me to noir/crime/hard boiled fiction, and the Marvel Horror omnibus which reprints most of the short run Marvel Horror-based series of the 70’s. That’s right, It, The Living Colossus, Mordred the Mystic, and Marvel’s Scarecrow will be reprinted in their most deluxe format. The mind boggles.

One of my co-workers left a message that they would be “more than happy to help.” That phrase means nothing to me. What is More than happy? Happier is just a higher intensity of happy, but it is still on the happy continuum. I am not More Than Happy To Help. I am just happy to help, or, on a bad day, contractually obligated to help.

The company that owns Impact Wrestling has purchased a major stake in the AXS TV, which currently shows New Japan Pro Wrestling, which is BY FAR my favorite wrestling promotion. The contract for the show goes through January of 2020, but after that is anyone’s guess if they renew the deal. I don’t’ watch a lot of non-streaming stuff anymore, and I’ll be bummed if I have to start subscribing to New Japan via streaming as they don’t have a Roku app, and I think I have enough streaming channels I pay for.

Much love to friends old and new, and I don’t believe in anything but me, and the idea that we can all do better at taking care of each other.


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