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Website plans

Every “semester” I take a couple of free courses on line to boost my knowledge. Usually it is something I am interested in like history or science, or sometimes (like this year) I will take courses on things I am woefully undereducated on like Opera or economics. The upcoming “spring” semester, however, I am going to go through a few classes I bought under a “pay what you think they are worth” offer about webdesign.

I am terrible with aesthetics. I can tell you about comic book art, as I have studied it, listened to masters talk about their craft and mentally taken it apart for years, but if you ask me to design something, ANYTHING, it looks like a 4 year old made it because I “think” verbally and visually. I have been using WordPress for my podcast pages because it’s easy and fairly generic. I also tend to believe that people subscribe to podcasts rather than go to the pages involved. However, I have a TON of old stuff on my old website, which is a complete mess, and I’d like to clean it up, archive it and generally pack it away so it’s there, but not as gawd-awful to look at.

So, those are my classes for the spring. As if you care.


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