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“Fake News”

OK, I’m going to say a bit about the whole “Fake News” thing that is going around and my feelings on Trump‘s connection to the story last night.

Donald Trump started in 2011 questioning if Obama was a US citizen. He lied about sending out “teams of investigators”, that he had “shocking evidence”, and we are STILL waiting to hear about the researchers he had in Hawaii who have a Bombshell Announcement they were about to deliver in 2012.  He said that Ted Cruz’s dad was involved with Lee Harvey Oswald, that Hillary Clinton is “terribly sick”, that thousands of people cheered the call of the World Trade Center, cited the National Enquirer repeatedly and said they should win a Pulitzer Prize for their reporting, that he would release his taxes after the election, that he had a Big Announcement last week on the Russian Hacking, and on and on and on.

Now, there is a report that the intelligence briefing said that there is information being discussed that he has financial ties to Russia, and that Russia has blackmail material on him. He has, as is typical, gone off on twitter as if he’s commenting on a You Tube video and immediately went to “What is this, NAZI GERMANY”?

First off, the nest story just said “This is what was in the intelligence report”. Not “This happened”.  So, that’s not fake.  Second, the report was given to Trump on Friday.  He is weaseling around it and saying that they never told him the information, but….let’s just say time has shown that The Donald doesn’t read his homework. Third, the scumweasels at 4chan are claiming they trolled everyone with this, however that story falls apart when you start looking at it ( and when you remember that it’s been floating around out there for almost a YEAR in various forms.

So, is it fake news? Nope, the report that he was given a briefing with this information is true.  Now, is “Golden Showergate” true?  Dunno. But with Trump spreading so much fertilizer, he shouldn’t be shocked that some of it gets on him.

Oh, and just so you know the difference between Fake News and poor reporting, Trump did not tweet “What is this, Nazi Germany?” He tweeted “Are we living in Nazi Germany?”  And the answer is, no, Nazi Germany ended in 1945.


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