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From Facestab Today

I’m gonna break one of my personal rules and give advice. I tend not to give advice because, hell, I don’t know what’s best. If I did, would I have the life I have now? I think not.

However, there have been a few times that people have been posting a need for help over the last year or so. My advice? Give the help. Do it. If someone is asking for help in social media, it means they have run out of options. Now, I’m not talking about the person who adds you and then sends a PM asking for money, but someone you’ve had on your feed for a while suddenly puts up a Go Fund Me or asked for some cash to get through a rough week, do it.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a couple of bucks, a job lead, information on a place to live, spreading the word about a person they can’t get in touch with suddenly, or asking for someone to call and just help them feel like they aren’t alone, it doesn’t matter. Just. Do. It.

Much of what I read is social media is people lashing out over a politician they hate or a company that screwed someone over or some creative project that offends and upsets them. I have gotten sucked in to that vortex from time to time. I think anyone who knows me well, knows I am susceptible to getting trapped in a vortex.

However, we have an amazing tool at our fingertips here. We can help each other quickly and easily. All it will cost is a few bucks, or some of your time and you will be bringing REAL help and REAL change to your circle. We all say we want the world to be better…this is how you do it. One phone call, one gift card, one $20 donation, one kind word at a time.

Give the help. It changes the world more than you know.


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