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Trump ain’t no dummy, dummy.

Say what you want about Trump, he’s not a moron. He turned the last debate before Iowa into a PURE drama, pitting himself against the Republican establishment. Trump is making a play for the people who moved over to the Republican Party during the “southern strategy” realignment and have been kept there by Talk Radio, Gingrich style anger and promises that never get fulfilled because if they get fulfilled, they can’t be used as wedge issues again.
Trump won’t give specifics, but reads his crowds, reflects their anger and panders better than any politician I have ever seen. Now that he has made himself the ultimate outsider, he is holding a big rally he says will raise money for veterans, and hit ALL of the media outlets he can saying that Fox will make huge money and isn’t giving any to veterans.
His people, who get all of their new from Fox, have now turned against it because THEY DON’T HELP THE TROOPS. Of course, he gives no specifics, has held events like this and offers no proof that any money went to veteran’s organizations and is well known for having the cops remove homeless vets from in front of his buildings. But, in the end he knows it doesn’t matter. No one cares what he does, it’s what he says.
He has been able to crush Fox News, something the Democratic Party was never able to do because they have no credibility with the viewers of Fox. Trump is a cartoonish figure, his businesses outside of being a landlord have all failed, and yet he had the ability to switch parties and positions and completely dominate a field that had governors, senators and a member of the omnipresent Bush family.
His speeches are more rock show than political rally. He has given no specifics to any of his plans other than “I’ll hire good people.” He has a level of Teflon that Reagan would have envied. And he has effectively neutered all criticism by blustering and bullying, making his critics buffoons he mocks at his unscripted events.
The man is a lot of things. Dumb is not one of them.


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